The Right Type of Tow Truck for Towing Classic or Luxury Automobiles

If you have a powerful and sturdy truck with a hook, you can tow a vehicle easily. However, one has to consider other factors such as weight distributions as well as the possibility of damaging the frames of the towed vehicle. It is economically sound to employ hook and chain type of tow trucks because they are relatively cheaper. The downside of using this traditional towing method is you risk damaging the vehicle.

Owners of high valued automobiles such as vintage classic cars or sports cars prefer their assets to be well managed without being damaged when transporting from one location to another. Although some may choose covered trailers from an auto transport carrier company, the cost will be relatively higher. Flatbed tow trucks are reasonable options for towing these high-valued automobiles, they are also a much affordable choice for towing over long distances.

Following are the benefits and reasons why using flatbed tow trucks:

How Do Flatbed Tow Trucks Work

First, we shall examine how a flatbed tow truck functions; in order to load the vehicle onto the truck, the ramp or the flatbed of the tow truck is slowly placed to the ground. This is done using hydraulics, after which 2 end-hooks fastened the lower part of the automobile. If the automobile is unable to be driven to the ramp, then the towing operator will use a winch which is automated to haul the automobile onto the flatbed. With these mechanisms present in a tow truck, it is fairly easy for the towing operator to load the vehicle.

The advantage of using a flatbed is that the automobile is carried by the truck during the journey. This greatly lowers the chance of wear and tear or having other parts of the automobile to be damaged. It is highly recommended for moving 4-wheel-drive automobiles.

Benefits for Owners of Automobiles

As flatbed towing is commonly a lot safer, numerous owners request for their vehicles to be transported by flatbed towing. With your vehicle moved this way decreases the chance of accidents accidents and damage that could occur on the road.

Low Risk of Damages

Since the towed automobile does not touch the ground, this, in turn, lowers the wear and tear that

By using flatbed towing, the towed vehicle will not touch the ground or the road. The reason is that all the vehicle’s wheels are rested on the ramp of the flatbed tow truck. This greatly to lowers the chances of wear and tear, which can be caused by friction with ground surface.

With flatbed towing, you can better protect the engine parts, transmission and other mechanisms of your automobile which can be damaged if towed on wheels.

Safety Guaranteed

Moving broken down automobiles with a flatbed tow truck is generally safer compared to hauling them. It can also assure the safety of other drivers. The towed automobile will not be swaying on the road when placed firmly onto the flatbed. This eliminates the chance of knocking down pedestrians or other vehicles on the road.

Saving Time

Transporting an automobile with a flatbed tow truck is relatively simple, and is even simpler if the automobile can be driven. All the person or towing operator has to do is just to drive it up onto the platform, then have it tied and secured firmly for transportation. Immobilized cars, on the other hand, has to be pulled onto the flatbed by a winch. The process more difficult, however, once it is placed onto the ramp, everything will be carried out quickly, saving valuable time during the whole process.

Costs Reduced

Some exotic car owners prefer to transport their automobiles in a well-covered trailer with elaborate design on it. Basically, you are only getting a covered tow truck at a few times more the normal cost. The benefit of having a covered trailer is to eliminate the possibility of debris damaging the automobile.


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