Saturday Night Dodge Charger

It was about midnight Saturday night. When I got a dispatch for a Dodge Charger 2015, mechanical issues and needs to be towed to the nearest mechanic. I showed up infront of Universal Studios and the girlfriend was sober but her boyfriend was drunk, apparantly they got hit by a car or they hit the car. He couldn’t really say what happened, becasue he didnt know what happened and neither did the sober girlfriend. Anyhow, his new Dodge charger was demolished. Beyond a mess, and in a ditch in the center divider about 5 feet in deep. I had to jump into this muddy unconstructed ditch. I climbed in there and hooked up the vehicle. Once it was hooked up all this debris started accumilating around the car, things like shrubs, and dirt. I had to stop every couple of minutes to make sure this didnt get in the way. Other wise we were looking at bigger issues. I Finally got the car out of the ditch and towed their vehicle to moreno valley some 50+ miles away. What a long night, fortunatley everything turned out well. The guy was semi sobered up by the time we got to his home. His girlfriend jumped into her car and went home. He opened the driveway and in went his brand new demolished charger. You never know what can happen when you drink and drive. Im glad they were safe. It makes my job easier. It may be a dirty job but someones gotta do it.

Saturday Night