Long beach Honda Odyssey

I had a 5:30 am call dispatched to me. It Was a Honda Odyssey stuck next to the water in long beach. 1.5 mile thru the sand to get to the beach where these people decided to take a joy ride that went bad. The sand was soft and it took about 10 minutes just to get to the water. Long Beach police department was there to meet me. apparently they had been trying to pull this vehicle out for two hours. The police departments trucks could not reach the vehicle close enough to tow it out. We had about 10 people out there. The Police and the customers were about 4 teenagers. once i hooked the winch onto the vehicle. slowly but surely I was able to put this car onto my flatbed. Carefully and slowly we pulled this vehicle out of the beach and back on to the parking lot. I hope these teenagers learned their lesson and don’t plan on taking their car anywhere on the sand again.