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What is Wheel Lift Towing

Wheel lift towing is an effective method for towing vehicles. The tow truck has a durable metal yoke that can securely fit either the front or rear wheels of the towed vehicle. The tow truck driver then places the metal yoke under the front or back or wheels, and by the power of a hydraulic lift, the yoke lifts the front or rear wheels off the ground. The vehicle is towed with the remaining two wheels on the ground and dragged by the tow truck.

The Benefits of This Method

Wheel lift towing is more maneuverable in tight spaces and spots. In a parallel parking situation, wheel lift towing can remove the targeted vehicle easily without accidentally damaging surrounding cars. It is also great for short distance towing. In a light-duty towing job, the slide-in of wheel lift tow truck makes towing seamless. The tow truck driver just needs to slide the metal yoke under the front or back wheels of the vehicle, soon it can be lifted and towed. The hydraulic-powered lift and in-cab controls can tow truck drivers complete the work task with great ease.

Are There Any Disadvantages to This Method?

Wheel lift towing is usually used for two-wheel-drive vehicles. When the automobile to be towed is a four-wheel-drive, one would choose flatbed towing instead. This is to prevent transmission damage while the car is being towed. Another limitation is the towing distance. The reason why wheel lift tow trucks are used for short-distance tows is due to the face that wear and tear will increase if the towing distance increases. Furthermore, shorter distance also means less damage to the underbody and wheels. Last but not least is the position of the towed vehicle. Should the vehicle is standing upright, then attaching the wheel lift to the towed vehicle is no an issue. However, if the vehicle is not in standard position, attaching the metal yoke to the wheels will be a challenge, and makes towing difficult.

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