Heavy Duty Towing

Los Angeles Towing specializes in heavy duty towing and we understand the risks which are involved. Our team believes in providing safe and efficient services by following the best practices and guidelines in the industry. With our full range of tow truck fleet and equipment, we are confident to manage your heavy duty trucks.

Why is Heavy Duty Towing Different

Heavy-duty vehicles weigh more than regular vehicles. By definition, vehicles exceeding 26,000 pounds are considered heavy-duty. As the weight of the towed vehicle increases, so is the difficulty and challenges that come with it. Regular towing is not advised in dealing with heavy vehicles; with tow trucks unfit for the job, the task will most likely end up in failure.

Our heavy-duty tow trucks have the pulling power to do the works; they are capable of towing large, heavy trucks and vehicles. In addition, we possess equipment designed to perform big and strenuous jobs and be delicate with the towed vehicle at the same time. They have the strength and durability you need in heavy duty towing. Together with our specialized towing equipment, we can move trucks of different shapes and dimensions without causing structural damage to the vehicle. The strength and size of our heavy-duty tow trucks enable us to provide a safe towing experience. With the factors combines, we can haul buses, trailers trucks, semi-trucks, and more.

Types of Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Bus – It is a road vehicle intended to carry numerous passengers. Buses can have a capacity of carrying many passengers, sometimes up to 200 and above.

Semi-Truck -It is also commonly called a “semi”. This heavy-duty vehicle is a combination of one or more semi-trailers and to carry freight. Semi-trucks are important in logistics, transportation, and businesses in a nation. They are used to carry produce, goods, and freights all over the country.

We Work 24/7 to Have you Covered

Heavy-duty trucks are commonly used throughout the day or night; they are required to conduct various types of construction, transportation, and commercial works. When these vehicles have broken down during odd hours in the night, finding help may be difficult. Los Angeles Towing is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide the assistance you need at any time. When there are downtime from your commercial trucks, that also imply disrupted work schedules and loss in business, you can call us and we will assist you n the shortest time possible.

In addition to heavy duty towing, we also manage light and medium duty towing, which includes towing cars, motorcycles, vans, and RVs. We provide efficient services at affordable prices and will provide towing solutions to your roadside issues.

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