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Los Angeles Towing has years of experience in helping drivers and motorists with their daily towing needs. We are proud to provide affordable and quick flatbed towing services to our community. Knowing that nasty surprises can happen on the road daily, thus we offer 24-hour towing and roadside assistance to our customers. Our towing team consists of trained towing specialists, who are fully committed to customer satisfaction. The technicians are trained in the use of the latest equipment and towing techniques for moving vehicles ranging from cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

What is Flatbed Towing

A flatbed tow truck is normally known as a rollback or slide tow truck. This is due to the way it performs towing. The tow truck is fitted with a hydraulic inclined bed which can be lowered all to the ground. The towed vehicle can either be driven up to the platform (also known as the bed) or pulled onto it. After the vehicle is positioned firmly onto the platform, the bed can again be adjusted to the original driving position.

Safety of Flatbed Towing

Flatbed tow trucks can keep the vehicles off from the ground; this prevents the tires of the towed vehicle from wearing off. The towed vehicle is firmly secured onto the flatbed, thus minimum or no damage will occur to the vehicle. Other types of tow trucks will tow the vehicle by dragging it behind the tow truck, this may cause potential damage if towing is done incorrectly.

For car owners who possess exotic or high-end automobiles, they will prefer using this towing method. This is because it can prevent the additional weight being put onto the priced automobile. Also, it does not let the cars tilt or come into contact with the ground surface as it is being towed. This provides ample protection from damage during as it doesn’t put additional weight on any one end of the vehicle and does not keep the vehicle at a tilt while hauling it from here to there. This is the best way to transport valuable cars as it protects from all damage.

Move Different Types of Vehicles

Flatbed towing is a good option in towing both 4-wheeled and 2-wheeled vehicles. Motorcycles, trucks, cars, and equipment can be towed using this versatile truck. Additionally, because of the stability, it is ideal for long-distance towing.

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