Exotic Car Towing

Los Angeles Towing provides experienced and trusted exotic car towing service in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to moving your priced asset to its respective locations safely.

Premium Luxury and Exotic Car Towing Service

Luxury and exotic cars are valued for their technical innovations, superior performance, and exquisite appearance. These vehicles are more than high-end automobiles; they are also of emotional value to the car owners. Thus, we pledge to provide towing and transportation at the highest level.

Whether you have a Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, or Rolls-Royce, our towing team has the necessary equipment and experience to handle and manage your exotic cars.

Use of Flatbed Tow Trucks and Towing Straps for Security

Our flatbed towing service is perfect for luxury and exotic vehicles. During flatbed towing, the flatbed, situated on the back of the tow truck, can be lowered to the ground using a hydraulic powered system.

The car can drive up onto the platform, and be secured with towing straps. Once the vehicle is in position, the flatbed can again be adjusted to the original driving position. We use ratchet straps and thread through the wheels and firmly secure the vehicle during transportation. The move is performed steadily with even pressure, therefore ensuring a damage-free towing experience. The wheels are lifted off from the ground, and thus the transmission will be protected. Additionally, this towing method of transport has no metal or physical contact, so scratches will not happen.

In certain situations, wheel lift towing is considered. For instance, towing in low clearance parking garages. We will enhance towing safety with the use of tow dollies. Your vehicle will enjoy both the superior comfort and safety when handled by our professional towing team.

Efficient and Safe

We value customer satisfaction and strive to attain our goal. Secure your investment in exotic cars by choosing a reliable and professional towing company. You can rely on our professionals to ensure the condition and safety of your automobile. We know there are no words to describe the importance and value of an exotic vehicle is to the owner. Therefore we will go the extra mile to make sure the whole process is error-free and damage-free.

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