Fast and Efficient 24/7 Towing Services

Los Angeles Towing is a local towing service company in the Los Angeles County. We will be with you and reach your location in the shortest time possible to help you get back on the road. Available to you 24 hours 365 days a year and even on Holidays. We provide a wide range of towing services, so if you encounter any vehicle breakdowns, just give us a call and we will be glad to help. 

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed Tow truck Los Angeles a 24-hour service that helps people who are stranded. We serve our customers with nothing but the best. All of our technicians are trained and licensed to provide you with the service you can find. Our fleet of flatbed tow truck serves drivers and motorists in Los Angeles County; providing nothing but the best and wide range services to our clients. 

Flatbed tow trucks are the most requested tow trucks that we have to offer. Customers prefer our flatbed towing services because, in Los Angeles, there are a huge variety of cars that will require a more delicate touch, one a flatbed tow truck can provide. We’ll hook your car up to our flatbeds, pull it onto the bed of the truck, and no further harm will come to it because it will be sitting atop the truck. For lowered vehicles, we have mastered the art of cribbing which will prevent your car from being scraped, a service uncommon to other tow truck companies.

Heavy Duty Towing

We offer Heavy Duty Towing Los Angeles; open 24 hours every day because we have noticed that many towing companies close and people who are night-owls might break down somewhere and we need to be open to help them.

Combined with our experience and technique, we can tow vehicles such as RVs, motorhomes, vans, buses, and more. We serve our customers with the best that is why all of our towing team members need to be trained and certified with some services that we provide. Giving that sense of peace to our customers that they deserve when they find themselves in these unexpected situations.

Towing Dollies

We offer tow dollies as one of our many towing services. We take pride in knowing we have all the proper tools and equipment necessary for transporting your vehicle safely from destination to destination. Dollies come in handy for many situations but mostly when a vehicle can’t or won’t shift gears or is too low to the ground. Don’t let your car get damaged by these other guys. Let our professionals do what they do best. We’ll always use any equipment necessary for loading your vehicle safely onto our truck without any pulling or force.

Long Distance Towing

Need a long distance tow but not sure who to call? We are the company for you! We have affordable long distance tow that will not break your bank. If you are in need of a professional tow company to help you tow a vehicle for long distance, don’t hesitate to call us. We have professional, safe and experienced drivers who are ready to safely transport your vehicle however far you need it to go.