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Local Towing Service Los Angeles your local towing service company in the Los Angeles County we will be with you and your broken down vehicle in minutes to help you get back on the road. Available to you 24 hours 365 days a year and even on Holidays. Local Towing Services Los Angeles has several services available to the public so if you are ever broken down give us a call and we will be glad to help.

Our towing service has a flatbed and wheel lift tow truck available through out Los Angeles. The flatbed tow truck has the vehicle on the bed of the truck keeping it from getting any further damages to the vehicle. The wheel lift however still has the car on the ground and its pulling it from either the rear or front tires its not as safe as the flatbed but we can reassure either way there will be no damages to your vehicle. 

We also have roadside assistance such as tire change if you have the spare tire we can send you someone to change it for you, car lock out if you left your keys in the car or trunk we
can take them out for you, jump start if you accidentally left your headlights on and your battery died then we can send someone to start up your vehicle, battery replacement this is for those who’s vehicle need a new battery but does not have time or transportation to go to the auto shop and get you a new battery we will also install it, and lastly gas delivery this is rare but it does happen maybe your having a very busy day and forget to fuel up your vehicle it happens and we want to be able to help you.

Want more info and have more questions give us a call we have live dispatchers available 24 hours.

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