Flatbed Tow Trucks and Benefits

Nobody likes to have to deal with any vehicle breakdowns. The last thing you need is for the vehicle to develop mechanical problems. Nevertheless, these issues do often turn up when we least expect it. When you need towing services, it is good to know that there are plenty of towing options available. One of the most versatile towing services is the flatbed towing, done using a flatbed tow truck. This tow truck has a platform that resembles a flatbed and it can transport a vehicle on top of it rather than of dragging the vehicle behind a tow truck.

When Should You Use A Flatbed?

A flatbed tow truck is beneficial in towing cars that are wrecked and cannot be driven. It can also be used for vehicles with flat tires, where dragging is not an option. Cars that are totaled will probably pose risks to surrounding drivers on the road when improperly towed. A Flatbed tow truck can eliminate that risk.

When you are towing long distances for a vehicle, a flatbed tow truck can go easy on the tires of that vehicle. Also, when moving across bumpy roads, dragging the vehicle may inflict damage; flatbed towing will not have such concern. This tow truck is also versatile, as it can carry various types of vehicles; from motorcycles, cars to SUVs. High-end, valuable cars are best to be towed with flatbed because it can prevent any possible damage.

Benefits From Flatbed Towing

There are numerous advantages to this towing. To begin with, it is steady and safe during towing. Regular tow trucks are useful, however, some vehicles that have 4-wheel-drives or damaged transmission, should not be towed with the wheels on the ground. With flatbed tow trucks, after loading the vehicle onto the platform and securing the vehicle, they can move quickly and go to the destination with speed and ease.

Secondly, it can prevent damaging the towed vehicle. A flatbed towing truck can lift the entire vehicle off from the ground. The tires of the vehicle are put onto the flatbed and totally off from the ground. This can avoid damage to the tires or axles when transporting the vehicle. Another advantage is the rear bumper is unlikely to be hit by any other cars, so there is almost zero chance the bumper will be damaged.

Lastly, it can tow almost any type of vehicle, as long as it is within the towing capacity. Flatbed tow trucks are designed to transport almost any vehicle. They are also very reliable, no matter what the roadside situation is. If a towing operator faces a wrecked car, they can use the winch that is situated on the flatbed, attached to the car, and pull it up onto the flatbed. On the other hand, if the car can still be driven, all the towing operator has to do is just drive the vehicle up onto the platform.


If you value your vehicle and need extra security when towing, you should contact a towing service that can provide flatbed towing. Preferably services that are available for 24 hours. They are the best bet in ensuring the safety and security of your vehicle when it moved from one location to another.

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