Flatbed Tow Truck Los Angeles

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Flatbed Tow truck Los Angeles a 24 hour service that helps people who are stranded. We serve our customers with nothing but the best. All of our technicians are trained and licensed to provide you with the service you can find. Flatbed Tow Truck Los Angeles Serves those who are in Angeles County providing nothing but the best and wide range services to our clients. We have several services available. The services we have are Towing, roadside and winch outs. 
Our Towing service has 2 types of trucks available throughout the city of Los Angeles. those 2 tow trucks are the flatbed and the wheel lift, the flatbed tow truck is the most commonly used tow truck because its the safest way to transport your vehicle on. The flatbed tow truck will lift the vehicle onto the bed of the truck where it is no longer touching the ground. You will most likely need a flatbed if you have a vehicle that is an all wheel drive, a vehicle too short to the ground, etc. Then we have a wheel lift, the wheel lift tow truck will pull the vehicle from either the front or the rear taking it to your destination. You will need a Wheel lift if you have a vehicle stuck in the parking structure or if the vehicle will not go into neutral. The roadside service we provide are tire changes, gas delivery, jump start, battery replacement, and car lock outs. we also have a winch out service for vehicles who are stuck in mud, pot holes, parking dividers, etc. We will send out a tow truck and the tow truck will lift and pull the vehicle out and back onto the road. 
We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Give us a call at (424) 644-6509.