Jump-Start Car Battery | Roadside Assistance

When the car battery goes flat, the result is the same; the car cannot be started and the driver needs to jump-start the car. When the car battery is flat, Los Angeles Towing will dispatch our roadside assistance technician to jump-start your car, in the shortest time possible. As a professional towing service and roadside assistance provider, Los Angeles Towing is always ready to help.

Do Not Want to Jump-Start Your Car? Here Are Some Tips

– A flat battery is one of those frustrating yet preventable roadside issues, which can be avoided with regular maintenance and good driving habits.

– Unplug all charging accessories. Make all items are unplugged from the charging ports. When there are multiple items plugged into various ports, this will consume the battery voltage and result in a flat battery.

– Ensure all of your car lights are off when you leave your vehicle. Double-check and make it a habit to be sure they have all been turned off.

– Check the car battery regularly. If you notice one of your accessories to behave oddly, or if you find your car is slow to start, pay a visit to the auto parts store to find out if there is anything wrong with the battery.

– Inspect your battery and look for any corrosion on the posts. Corrosion can block a stable connection and weaken the strength of the battery. Also, if you find any bulging in the battery housing, this could mean the battery is almost expiring and ready to fail.

Most car batteries will last 3 to 5 years, so keep a lookout on the age of the car battery. When it is almost expiring, be ready to have the battery tested or replaced if possible.

What If You Need to Jump-Start the Car Battery

– Should you want to try jump-starting the car, you can try these steps:

– Be sure to go through the owner’s manual of the vehicle, attempt only if you are confident and feel safe to do so.

– You will need the jumper cables and the assistance of another person to connect your automobile to his or hers.

– When you do not feel confident in charging the car battery by yourself, you can always seek the aid of a professional roadside assistance service provider.

Call for Jump-Start Professionals

Dealing with a dead battery can be hazardous if you do not have the know-how, experience, and the right equipment. Not only will it harm you physically, but it could also even cause damage to the vehicle. Call Los Angeles Towing and let the experts do the job for you; our technicians perform safe jump-start car service at reasonable prices. Using the latest tools and equipment, we diagnose the problem fixed it at your convenience and satisfaction.

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