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Need a fast and reliable tow service that does not break your bank then give Affordable Towing Los Angeles a call. Our towing service has been around for years, for us to be a successful towing company we need to know what our customers need when it comes to towing their vehicles. Affordable Towing Los Angeles has reliable affordable services available to anyone in the Los Angeles area. We also have different services to provide to our customers. We service all types of vehicle from your small sedan vehicles to the heavy big rigs. Affordable Towing Los Angeles make it easy on our customers in a way that they won’t have the need to be calling 10 different towing companies just to find someone to help them with their vehicles. Some of the services we have here are:

The Flatbed tow trucks: The most commonly used tow truck is the Flatbed Tow truck. It is the safest tow truck just for the simple fact that the flatbed would pull your vehicle onto the bed of the truck. Keeping your vehicle from getting any more damages to the vehicle. You will need a flatbed tow truck if you have a motorcycle, an all wheel drive and a vehicle that is too low to the ground.

The Wheel Lift Tow Truck: The Wheel lift tow truck is different then the Flatbed because the wheel lift will pull the vehicle from either the front or the rear to your destination.  You will need a the wheel lift tow truck if you have a vehicle stuck in the parking structure, a flatbed will not fit in a parking structure with the car loaded on the truck. You will also need a wheel lift if you have a vehicle with a 2 wheel drive.

Roadside Service: We also have Roadside services and that is

  • Tire Changes
  • Gas Delivery
  • Jump Starts
  • Car Lock outs
  • Battery Replacements

Open 24 hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

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