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24/7 Towing Service Los Angeles – If you are ever driving in the Los Angeles area you know traffic out here is ridiculous and someone is always bound to break down not just in L.A but anywhere. But if you find yourself in Los Angeles broken down at the side of the road then give us a call. 24/7 Towing Service Los Angeles is not just your average towing & roadside service we are the best when it comes to Roadside assistance.


In most Towing companies they have 2 different types of tow trucks. The Flatbed and the Wheel Lift tow trucks both are able to tow any type of vehicle but in some special situations you may need a flatbed or a wheel lift. The Wheel lift tow truck pulls the vehicle from either the front of the vehicle or the rear. You will need a wheel lift tow truck if the vehicle is currently in a parking structure or if the vehicle does not go into neutral for whatever reason. 

The flatbed tow truck will pull the vehicle onto the bed of the truck where it is no longer touching the ground and is safe from any further damages to the truck. You will need a flatbed if you have a All Wheel drive vehicle, vehicle that is too low to the ground, a motorcycle, etc. Having these trucks available to our customers not only makes it easy for us to do our job but its easy on our customers that are out stranded needing to get somewhere.

24/7 Towing Service Los Angeles also has roadside service and those are the jump starts, tire changes, gas delivery, car lock outs and battery replacements.

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