If you’re a resident of Los Angeles County, you know how the traffic and the roadways can affect your vehicle. With potholes on the 101 FWY, and cracks on Alameda, Los Angeles is a minefield of avoidance and problems. Los Angeles Towing Services specializes in taking you and your passengers to a safer location, so that any problems your car has presented to you can be rectified quickly and safely. Los Angeles Towing strives to create a Tow Truck Experience that you can recommend to your friends and family, which will help us become the city’s #1 tow truck service provider. Call us now at (424) 644-6509 for more information about local towing near you.

Los Angeles Towing Services

Los Angeles TowingFlatbed Tow Trucks – Flatbed tow trucks are the most requested tow trucks that we have to offer. Customers prefer our flatbed towing services because in Los Angeles, there are a huge variety of cars that will require a more delicate touch, one a flatbed tow truck can provide. We’ll hook your car up to our flatbeds, pull it onto the bed of the truck, and no further harm will come to it because it will sitting atop the truck. For lowered vehicles, we have mastered the art of cribbing which will prevent your car from being scraped, a service uncommon to other tow truck companies. However, there’s also cars that a flatbed tow truck cannot cater, which we’ll introduce in a moment.

Los Angeles Towing ServicesWheel-Lift Towing – Wheel Lift towing involves a wheel-lift tow truck, as well as additional services such as dollies, winches and go-jacks. Although wheel-lift aren’t as commonly requested, they are more versatile than flatbeds. Flatbeds are bulkier and cannot maneuver as easily as wheel-lifts. Also, if your car cannot be put in neutral, wheel-lifts will have to be the only way to go. If your car cannot be put in neutral, and it’s an all-wheel-drive vehicle, your car will have to be put on dollies, which will lift your car off the ground, and thus, won’t cause any damages to your axles.

Roadside Assistance – There are a series of services that our tow truck drivers can perform as well as our roadside service technicians, that do not require the use of a tow truck. These services are called:

  • Unlocking Car Lock Outs
  • Battery Jump Starts
  • Flat Tire Change
  • Delivering Gasoline

These services are very common and Los Angeles Towing near you gets called on to perform these services daily and nightly. With our 24-Hour hotline, our roadside technicians are always available to come to your location and perform for you the services that you inquire about.

Tow Truck Los AngelesOther Services – Here with Los Angeles Towing, we also provide and offer our customers other options if the above services are not what they will need. These additional services include winching/winch-outs, heavy duty and medium duty towing, dead car battery charging, motorcycle hauling, motor home and RV services.

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